I have written a pretty large quantity of books, articles, blogposts, songs and reviews, all with just two fingers. Much of the output is linked from this page.

BOOKS: On Your Own in China | The Book & The SwordLife & Death of a Dotcom in China | Tales of Old Shanghai | The Great Walk of China

Unfinished Books: Arrogant Bastards | Chinese Fortune-telling | Shanghai-HK - The Dragon has 2 Eyes

MEMOIRS: Tiananmen | Film Dubbing | Tibetan Sky Burial |   MORE


ARTICLES 1980s: Daily TelegraphAnton Graham: Booming BBS Scene | Best of 1988 for Japan Times | Good Books 1988 | Asian Business | The Australian | CBC

REUTERS: China | Japan | Micronesia | Mongolia | North Korea | South Korea | USA | Other

ARTICLES 2000s: CER Book Reviews | China Eye | Danwei's Earnshaw Vault | Laowai article 2001 | SCMP |

MAOPORTAL: A little joke of a website I built in the year 2000, mashing the Cultural and Online revolutions together. It still feels pretty good and not irrelevant as a comment. 

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