Street names

The naming of streets in Old Shanghai differed according to area. The French gave French names to virtually all the roads in their Concession. The British likewise, except for the central area of the city where the streets were given the names of Chines cities and provinces. The foreign names have all been scrapped but the Chinese placename streets have been retained. So Nanking Rd of old is now Nanjing Lu, Foochow Rd became Fuzhou Lu, Szechuan Rd became Sichuan Lu etc. Changes of transliteration only. (The city named streets go east-to-west and the provinces north-south). The name of the Bund, the premier street in the city, is originally an Anglo-Indian word, a reflection of Shanghai's position in the global British Imperial network.

The French named their thoroughfares mostly after French dignitaries. Some like Boulevard de Montigny, were named after French consuls and ambassadors to China. (de Montigny was the founder of the French Concession and the first French consul in Shanghai. Some were named after prominent French citizens in Shanghai, such as Pichon, Chapsal or the wine merchant Remi, or after priests who worked in the large Catholic cathedral in Xujiahui at the southwest edge of the French Concession. Others were named after famous people back in France, including Joffre, Corneille and Moliere.

Beijing Lu 		Peking Road			
Beijing Xi Lu		Avenue Road			
Changde Lu		Hart Road			
Changle Lu		Rue Bourgeat			
Changshu Lu		Sayzoong, Route du			
Changming Lu		Brenan Road			
Changyang Lu		Ward Road			
Changzi Dong Lu		Seward Road			
Dalian Lu		Dalny Road			
Daming Lu		Broadway			
Danshui Lu		Rue Chapsal			
Dinghai Lu		Point Road			
Dongdaiming Lu		Seward Road			
Dongdaming Lu		Broadway East			
Donghu Lu		Doumer, Route			
Fengyang Lu		Burkhill Road			
Fenyang Lu		Rue Pichon			
Fumin Lu		Amiral Coubert, Route			
Fuxing Xi Lu		Gustave de Boissezon, Rte			
Fuxing Zhong Lu		Lafayette, Rue			
Fuzhou Lu		Foochow Road			
Gaoan Lu		Cohen, Route			
Gaolan Lu 		Rue Corneille			
Guangdong Lu		Canton Road			
Hami Lu			Rubicon Road			
Henan Zhong Lu		Honan Road			
Hengshan Lu		Petain, Avenue			
Houshan Lu 		Wayside Road			
Huaihai Lu 		Avenue Joffre			
Huashan Lu		Haig, Avenue			
Huangbi Bei Lu 		Mohawk Road			
Huiming Lu 		Baikal Road			
Huqi Lu 		Museum Road			
Jianguo Dong Lu 	Conty, Route			
Jianguo Lu 		Chevalier, Rue 			
Jianguo Xi Lu		J. Frelupt, Rte			
Jiangsu Lu		Edinburgh Road			
Jiangxi Lu		Kiangse Road			
Jinling Dong Lu		Consulat, Rue de			
Jinling Xi Lu		Foch, Avenue (East)			
Jinshan Lu		Astor Road			
Jiujiang Lu		Kiukiang Road			
Lafayette, Rue		Fuxing Zhong Lu			
Liyang Lu		Dixwell Road			
Maoming Bei Lu 		Mulmein Road			
Maoming Nan Lu 		Cardinal Mercier, Route			
Nanjing Xi Lu 		Bubbling Well Road			
Panyu Lu 		Columbia Road			
Renmin Lu		Deux Republics, Blvd des			
Ruijin Er Lu		Pere Robert, Route			
Shaanxi Bei Lu 		Seymour Road			
Shimen Er Lu		Carter Road			
Sichuan Nan Lu		Montauban, Rue			
Tianmu Dong Lu		Boundary Road			
Tongren Lu 		Hardoon Road			
Wanhangdu Lu		Jessfield Road			
Wujiang Lu		Love Lane			
Wujin Lu		Range Road			
Xiangshan Lu 		Rue Moliere			
Xiangyang Nan Lu 	Rue de la Tour			
Xingang Lu		Marcel Tillot, Rue			
Xingle Lu		Paul Henry, Rue			
Xizang Nan Lu 		Boulevard de Montigny			
Xuchang Lu 		Washing Road			
Yanan Dong Lu		Edward VII, Avenue			
Yanan Xi Lu		Great Western Road			
Yanan Zhong Lu		Foch, Avenue (West)			
Yongkang Lu 		Rue Remi			
Yueyang Lu		Ghisi, Route			
Zhoushan Lu 		Chusan Road			

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