Graham Earnshaw's Shanghainese lexicon


The numbering system in Shanghainese is basically the same system as Mandarin, although with different pronunciation, but watch out for 2, 12 and 20 and 22. Unlike most other dialects, Shanghainese has a single syllable word for "20", just like French. Just to make things interesting, "eight" and "hundred" are the same pronunciation. In real-time grand prix Shanghainese, the numbers get slurred together, particularly numbers like 43 where there is a "10" between two other numbers - "sat" it becomes "dzet".


0 ling2
1 yet1
2 liang3
3 sei4
4 si3
5 ng3
6 lok3
7 chet3
8 bat1
9 jiu3
10 sat3
11 sat3 yet1
12 sat3 ni2
13 sat3 sei3
14 sat3 si2
15 sat3 ng3
16 sat3 lok2
17 sat3 chet2
18 sat3 bat1
19 sat3 jiu2
20 nei2
22 nei3 ni2
100 yet1 bat1
200 liang3 bat1
1,000 yet1 qi1
10,000 yet1 vei2
million yet bat1 vei
100 million yi1
billion sat3 yi2
first di ye1
second di3 ni2
third di3 se4
fourth di3 si1
fifth di3 ng2
sixth di3 lok2
seventh di3 chet1
eighth di3 bat1
ninth di3 jiu1
tenth di1 zat
eleventh di1 zat ye1
... percent bat ven1 zi
10 percent bat ven1 zi sat3
one third sei4 ven zi ye1
one tenth sat3 ven zi ye1
half bu:1
a pair ye de4
the whole lot sei3 zi2
a few ye1 di di a
several ji3 ga1 / ji3 zat1
many law3 du4


one yuan ye kue1
two yuan liang2 kue1
20 yuan ne3 kue1
22 yuan ne3 ni1 kue
10 fen ye gok1
one fen ye fen1
0.56 yuan ng3 gok1 lok2 fen1
5.04 yuan ng3 kue1 ling si1 fen1

Weights and Lengths

kilogram gong1 jing
kilometre gong1 li
metre mi3
two metres liang3 mi1
three metres sei1 mi
catty jing4
tael liang2
one metre in length ye mi1 zang2

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