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Graham Earnshaw's home page, featuring a pot-pourri of material created or "channeled" by him. Send him an email.

Graham's translation of the Chinese
kungfu novel classic has just been
published by Oxford University Press.
An archive of material on a world that has past - the Pet Project.

Graham's music and music reviews.
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Other Graham Writings which are reeeeaaaaally interesting.

A series of walks taking Graham from Shanghai to Lhasa, capital city of Tibet.
Digital photos - a selection of Graham's favorite images

contacts and bios
Articles by and about Graham from different publications

Excerpts from Graham's unpublished memoirs. Egotistical? Yes. What the hell.
... of a dotcom in China. Published in Oct 2000, just before they DID all start dying.

Travel guide published in 1984.
The queen of Shanghai's nightlife. Read her diary on

How Chinese people presume to tinker
with the future
an alternative universe portal where the cultural revolution meets the info revolution.

Old versions of
Content from the first English weekly mags produced in Shanghai since 1949.

...those white guys. And the
Chinese guys too.
China's first city website, created 1996, revived in 2001, once again the best

Fortune-teller Lao Zhang reveals the secrets of the future.
Shanghainese is fun, find out more.

Karen Earnshaw is a crossword builder. Here is her series of China-related puzzles.
haoshidong, ni hao