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China Economic Review

Graham is Publisher of China Economic Review, provider of independent analysis on the world's most exciting economy since 1990.


Graham is an experienced speaker on topics such as China's economy, politics and social trends, publishing, journalism and music. For details, please Email

Earnshaw Music

Graham has played music in public for years. He also writes tunes.

CER Blog

Click here for the Graham blog on current China events.

Earnshaw Books

Earnshaw Books publishes quality books on China and beyond. The website can be found here.

Memoir Snippets

I have not (yet) written a book of memoirs, but I have written pieces that would make chapters in such a work. Click here to read them.


Graham has been walking across China since 2004, always starting at the last place he stopped. He began in Shanghai and the last walk ended 130km east of Chengdu. Click to buy the book of the walk.


Links to Graham writings - articles, books and more.

Music Archive

Links to songs, performances, albums and other audio artifacts